Car, Truck or SUV – Which Vehicle Is Right For You?

When it’s time to purchase a new vehicle, it’s good to start by narrowing down the type of vehicle that will suit your needs. There are big differences between cars, trucks and SUVs, but it can still be hard determining which is best. This article explores the pros and cons of all options to help you decide which vehicle is right for you.

Let’s dive in with a comparison of all three options:


Once upon a time, trucks used to be a work vehicle. In fact, “it’ll hold a 4×8 sheet of plywood” became a measurement of standard for pickups. Then trucks became more family friendly, especially with the extended cabs and four doors. Since the extended cab and additional rear doors have become so popular, many models now have shorter beds, five or six feet long; making them a bit easier to park and maneuver.

Trucks are also powerful vehicles, some which can tow big heavy trailers. With “trailer sway control” as a safety feature it makes road trips much easier. Since trucks have powerful engines, we like to show them off, which is why in a lot of truck commercials you see the truck climbing up mountains through heavy mud. In reality though, if the closest you get to “off-roading” is accidentally missing the driveway and hitting the flower bed, then you might not need all this power.

The cost of owning a truck can be more than an SUV and car. This includes the purchase price, ongoing maintenance, and fuel. So if you don’t plan on towing, or hauling/moving large objects on a regular basis, it might be better to explore another type of vehicle.


An SUV has several advantages. They’re usually roomy and that space is always appreciated whether you have extra passengers or extra cargo. SUVs are also capable and safe; many drivers prefer an SUV in hazardous conditions. This is partially because of their power and stability, and also because of their visibility. Being behind the wheel of an SUV gives you a higher driving position. You’re also surrounded by larger windows and a back windshield which helps enhance this feature.

Like trucks, SUV’s can be powerful vehicles that are great for towing or taking off road. The Jeep Cherokee for example, takes it easy on fuel, is easy to maneuver, and offers parking cameras and other features that make it ideal for road-tripping with the family.


Sedans are usually the least expensive vehicle to purchase and maintain. Many find them easier to drive, since they aren’t as top-heavy as SUV’s. Parking and maneuvering around corners is also beneficial.

Some feel sedans are more stylish/personalized. They can look and feel very different from one another. The Chrysler 300 for example had a very sophisticated look while the Dodge Dart was sporty and daring.

Cars are also the only vehicle to offer a trunk; a locking storage area which can’t be seen through. Many appreciate and feel they’re more secure for this reason.


Start by test driving all three. Not only is it fun to try out different vehicles, but it will help you compare how they handle. Then take your budget into consideration, as the price difference between the three options is tens of thousands of dollars. Once you start exploring the features of your favourite vehicles, you’ll soon find the best choice for you.