Here Are Features To Look For When Purchasing A New Vehicle

Cars today are loaded with impressive technologies to keep you and your passengers safer, comfortable, and more entertained. Navigating all the new features available can be a bit of a challenge though, especially if it’s been several years since you’ve purchased a new car. This guide will help you figure out which features are must-haves for your new vehicle, hopefully making your purchase easier.


These cameras are a game-changer. Obviously, the biggest benefit of a rear-facing camera is preventing backover accidents by widening your field of vision. Being able to see below window or trunk level and eliminating blind spots makes it a feature worthy of consideration. You’ll be happy to know that rearview cameras come standard on most new Chryslers.


If you’ve ever carried a heavy box or an arm full of shopping bags to your car, then you’ll appreciate the convenience of a hands-free sliding door and power liftgate. With your keys in your purse or pockets you can simply wave your foot under the door you want to open and it will glide open automatically. If you want to check out the feature in person the Chrysler Pacifica Touring Van shows it off well.


These are such a convenience and add real safety benefits, especially when driving at night. Rain-sensing wipers use a sensor that’s mounted behind the windshield. A beam of infrared light will be reflected back at different angles when water droplets land on the windshield. The system is able to turn on the wipers as well as adjust the wiper speed.


Have you ever been driving down the road and the car beside you swerves a bit into your lane, or a vehicle heading towards you drifts over the center line? That’s why we love it when more and more drivers opt for lane keep assistfeatures in their vehicle because it’s one less car on the road that’s swerving into your lane.

LaneSense provides a departure warning, giving you visual and audio warnings when you start drifting outside your boundaries. The feature also gently steers you back into your lane using the electric power steering system.


If heading downtown stresses you out because you hate parallel parking, then you will love the new parking technology available today. Parallel and Perpendicular Park Assist carefully guides you into parking spots by controlling your steering with ultrasonic sensors. ParkSense Rear Park Assist also helps when backing into parking spots.


Dashboards these days can look like futuristic cockpits of high-tech spy planes. The Uconnect System is no different; an 8.4 inch touchscreen multimedia center. It offers a wide range of communication and entertainment services, making every journey exciting. While it’s a touch screen, it also offers hands-free access to your apps, calls and texts through Bluetooth. You’ll be happy to hear that the Uconnect4C NAV Multimedia center is standard on all 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokees.


It’s not surprising to hear that a computer will have quicker reflexes than a human… which is why it’s nice to know that Forward Collision Warning features are becoming more and more standard, helping to keep all of us safe. If you end up approaching another vehicle too quickly an audible and visual alert is sent to the driver, and if the driver doesn’t react in time the car feature can actively apply the brakes. Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop is a similar feature that can adjust your cruising speed to maintain the distance between you and the vehicle in front. If necessary it can bring your car to a complete stop without driver intervention.