New vs Used, Which is Right for You

Debating between a new or used car is a decision we come across – at least a couple of times during our adult lifespan. In fact, the average driver owns 13 cars in their lifetime; that means purchasing used can save you almost $200,000 by the time you purchase your final vehicle. However, that doesn’t take extra maintenance on used cars into consideration or trade-in value on your current vehicle.

So which decision is right for you? This article should help you decide as we explore the advantages and disadvantages of buying a new vs used car.


Sometimes it just feels great to be the first owner of a new car. When it comes to new models:

  • There’s no previous wear or hidden damage to worry about, peace of mind is a beautiful thing.
  • There are warranties that come with a new car, which is also very reassuring.
  • New models are more likely to have the latest features including advanced safety systems and interior amenities.
  • You’re able to customize your new car with any feature you want.


  • Used cars often come with lower insurance rates.
  • The car is often available immediately, without extra charges.


One of the most exciting things about purchasing a new car are the features you have to choose from. You and your family will feel safe knowing you have the newest tech at your fingertips. You’ll also enjoy the ride much more with convenience features such as an auto-dimming rearview mirror or entertainment features like a radio data system.

If you’re concerned about your carbon footprint, you may be interested in a hybrid vehicle. It’s rare to find electric or hybrid vehicles used, so this could be a driving factor in purchasing new. It’s worth test-driving a hybrid, to see how it feels.


Combining the benefits of a new car and a used car; a certified pre-owned vehicle means buying a car that is (usually) less than three years old. This option comes with low mileage and the manufacturer’s warranties as well as newerfeatures you’ll enjoy. In order to be certified, the car needs to pass an inspection and have no history of damage. This reduces a lot of the worry that comes with purchasing a used car.

Whether you choose new or used, it’s a personal decision – that is also likely to change over time… in other words, just because you purchased a new car last time, doesn’t mean you have to purchase a new model this time. You’ll find that the decision may also have a lot to do with the cars available at the time and your intentions with keeping or reselling the vehicle.

The most important thing to do while deciding is to talk to one of our financing experts. Brantford Chrysler has a well-educated and trained staff that can help with every step in the decision and purchase process; you are welcomed and encouraged to reach out for as much help as you need.